srijeda, 1. siječnja 2014.

2013 favorites!


Sretna Nova 2014.-ta i sve najbolje!! Neka vam se ostvare svi snovi :**
Happy New 2014. and all the best!! May your dreams come true :**

Dok tipkam ovaj post, prisjećam se svih divnih stvari koje su se dogodile na Shadow i osmijeh mi ne silazi s lica! U ovom postu ću vam pokazati većinom kozmetičke favorite jer robu mi je vrlo teško kategorizirati kad je nosim i imam puno...svejedno, napomenuti ću nekoliko komada koji su osnove mog stila!
While I'm typing this post I'm remembering all the great things that happened on Shadow and I can't stop smiling! In this post you'll see my cosmetic faves and maybe a couple clothing pieces but it was a hard task to choose...
Let's go!

Favorite polishes: essence me and my lover (liquid sand) , Essie Mint candy apple, SGGM 129, L'oreal Confettis, franken Fire storm, Catrice Sand Francisco & S.he 375.
I also fell in love with stamping and this is my fav stamping plate (essence) and the best nail polish remover - Aveo from Muller.

Make up faves: Color tattoo Metallic pomegranate (love!!), essence gel liner brush, Maybelline Baby lips, essence lip stick wear berries and essence parfume Like a walk in the Summer rain.
Oh, and my fav top coat is essence Better that gel nails (try it, you'll love it!).
My favorite jewerly is this silver cat necklace.

I enjoyed wearing Summer tops and oversized sweaters!

Big, chunky scarves are another fav because they're pretty and warm and just perfff for this weather!

My doc. Martens! Oh, I would walk barefoot if there was you, my dear :)

H&M hair elastics - the best thing ever!

My tribal top <3

And here are my fav manis and pictures! Enjoy! :)



Hvala na čitanju! / Thanks for reading!

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  1. Napravi recenziju essence ruza

  2. We have a lot of similar makeup faves! :)

    1. I know, I guess that great minds think alike :D

  3. odlične manikure <3
    sretna ti nova godina, neka te obraduje dobrom :D


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