nedjelja, 29. prosinca 2013.

What I got for Christmas!

Danas ću vam pokazati što se krilo u poklonima pod borom :)
Today I'll show you what I found under my Christmas tree :)

Ralph Lauren shirt! Love love love :)
I really needed new shirts and boy, you can't go wrong with red ;)

shirt detail

gifts from friends: nail polish (pink and naughty) and deodorant (smells ah-mazing!)
and CD with my favorite songs that is personalized with cats and Marky Butt Butt :D
Thanks darlings! <33

Jewels! Cat necklace from my brother and his wife and rose gold watch and chain bracelet from parents!
Love you guys!! <33

Sooooo pretty! Color is amazing *-*

To bi bilo to ljudi! Dobila sam i čokolade ali, haha, znate kako to ide ;)
That would be it, folks! I also got chocolate but, haha, you know how that goes ;)

Hvala na čitanju! / Thanks for reading!

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