utorak, 31. siječnja 2012.

Red wildness

Hej ;) It's  cloudy and dark outside.It is probably going to snow in the evening.I can't wait!!!
Okey,let's go to nails.I did this mani on my cousin's nails.She has long and beautiful nails...
                                 These are her nails before and after my little treatment. :D                                                  

I used:S-he stylezone 185,essence
white stampy polish and essence top coat,ofc.
1.First apply two coats of red polish and wait for it to dry.
2.Then print paws and zebra pattern with white stampy polish.Zebra pattern goes only on top of the nail.
3.Wait for it to dry,cuz you don't wanna smudge it,and apply top coat.

That's it ^^
Enjoy the photos I caught a cloudy day.

Look at the sea...I wish that summer is now.

Bonsai tree.
Spiritual :))
And me.No comment.
xoxo,Shadow <3

ponedjeljak, 30. siječnja 2012.

Essence twins:Edward & Bella

Hi chicas.For my birthday I've got some nail polishes.One of them are twins polishes.
Bella & Edward are beautiful polishes.Bella 06 is beautiful teal colour.You need apply 2 coats and colour is densely.Edward 06 are medium sized,square,silver glitter with some small green glitters.It's beautiful and very hard to remove.

Bella.It looks very bright on this picture,but in reality is darker.

Edward <3

They are beautiful pair.I also like Chuck and Blaire.I have only Chuck.
This photo is fuzzy so you can see the glitter.
Like it?Do you have any twins?
Shadow <3

nedjelja, 22. siječnja 2012.

Giveaway,but not mine

Hi,just a short post.You can entry in this giveaway on this blog  http://letspolishsomenails.blogspot.com/2012/01/bootie-babe-polishes-giveaway-open.html .
You can win this cute nail polishes.I love the bottles :P

  Shadow <3