nedjelja, 22. siječnja 2012.

Snow manicure (fail)

Hi girls.Recently I saw a snow manicure on this blog . It's very cute and I decided to do it too.I'm not very satisfied with it.My grey polish didn't looked nice and it didn't looked like snow falling from the sky....
I used:essence colour and go-I've got a secret 56
          essence white tip painter
          S-he 350
1.Apply 2 coats of grey polish and wait a few minutes till it dries.My grey polish is to bright so I had to mix grey and black.It looks like crap....:/
2.Make a little hill with your white polish.
3.Sponge on top of your nail a little bit of white.

4.Make little grey clouds on top of your nail.Picture is fuzzily,I know.
5.If you want to,you can add some glitter on it.I added some and it looked better.
Unfortunately you can't see the glitter because the picture is,again,fuzzily.Here is the rest of the pictures.Enjoy ^^

Shadow <3

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