nedjelja, 15. rujna 2013.

365 challenge: week 32 - 37!

Dugo već nisam objavila ništa pod ovom rubrikom ali sada se ona vratila u stalnu postavu! Uživajte u fotkama od kraja ljeta!
It'a been a while since I posted this series but now it's back! Enjoy in pics!

showing off

so bright I can't open my eyes...

kitty purry <3


it started...

fall colors <3

so sweet!

trip to Trieste

hahah, random picture of traffic

University in Trieste

it is like I'm in Rijeka!

some tourist-y pics

my new loves!!!

pizza with family

dark clouds and bright sunshine

chic :)


my first traveling in train! :)

I love this so much so I glued it onto my door so I could get inspired every time I walk by!

into the woods! <3

loving my tumblr :)

finally found it!

guilty pleasure...:)

yep, I'm a junkie :P

hooray, nail mail! :D

the best time ever!!! it was awesome!!

Rijeka at 6 am.
Hvala na čitanju! / Thanks for reading!

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