ponedjeljak, 24. lipnja 2013.

365 challenge: Week 21 - 25!

Ako sam dobro izračunala, nisam objavljivala ništa od 365 challenga cijeli mjesec! Kvragu i lijenosti! :)
Nadam se da ćete mi to oprostiti i baciti pogled na slike koje sam okinula u lipnju.
According to my calculations, I haven't posted 365 challenge on blog for a month! Damn you lazziness! :) 
I hope you'll forgive me and check out the pics I shot during June.

Enjoy!! :)

Random quick mani I did, just to match my outfit...

Ilove my new cell. It has the best camera EVER! This is totally zoomed caviar and it looks like squishy, jelly blueberries :D

Make a wish.

Showing of my fishtail braid. So easy to make and it looks so beautiful! 

Constantly wearing Confettis. I need a backup bottle. Or maybe two....

Covered my school bag entirely in dots. I'm buying a new one for high school so I went a bit crazy...:)

Just happy. Nothing else to say.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love tribal?? You're gonna find out this week.
(Psst, I wore Confettis on my other hand....)
HOT! In 8 a.m.!!

Spotted some dots on flor. Cute.

Another haul! Tomorrow you'll see the rest ;)

Just being silly......:D
Hvala na čitanju! / Thanks for reading!

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