nedjelja, 12. veljače 2012.

some new things :D

 Hi girls.I recently received some gifts from my best friend and I will show you them today.

First is Essence Metallic eye pencil and kajal pencil.
Metallic eye pencil is beautiful purple colour with small silver shimmer in it.It's name is Lilectric 04.I use it very often because its purple and I have green eyes so it stands out my eyes.On second picture you can see eye pencil on my naked skin (1.) and  with base (2.).With base is little brighter colour but I don't mind it.
This is my kajal pencil.It's named All I want 19.It's great for waterline and for nude and easy look.I am not good in make up like I'm in nail art,but I'm trying and practicing.Soon I will present you one of my fav make up looks.:)

This is Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base.It's great!I use it almost every day.My make up lasts  much longer with it.

Of course I've got some nail polishes!Rimmel 60 seconds Sky high 825 and Essence stampy polish stamp me!black 02.Sky high is beautiful blue/teal polish with glossy finish.After first coat it looks like light blue and after second it looks like teal.I love it!!About stampy polish I don't know what to say.Its black and its great :) You don't have to use it just for stamping you can do nail art with it.

Aren't they adorable?I love to wear earrings and I think that these are just for this ''between winter and spring'' time ;) Dots are everywhere;on nails,clothes,jewelry and I like it.

Last but not least are my acrylic paints!!!I order them from Born pretty store and they came to me in three days.In package are these colours:blue,green,yellow,red,white and black.Main colours for mixing.I don't think that I will ever spend them.Now I use them for almost every mani I'm doing.
I'm tired of writing on english.I think that I will start writing again on croatian.
For 50 folowers I will make small giveavay.Can wait!! <3

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