nedjelja, 12. svibnja 2013.

365 challenge: Week 19!

Patterns everywhere!

Catching rainbows!

Good morning, sunshine!

I was so freaking tired that day...

McFlurry :D


I love this pic. I don't know why..

Weird, cute and very cudly  <3

Driving threw the city.

My bedroom view.

Flowers everywhere.

Cloudy view...

Mint <3
Sunset and neon nails.

Playing with flakies.

Sneak peek: I'll post it on Tuesday!

I'm totally in love with cooking!

Shiny hair, lace and skinny waist...

Heheh, I'm opening it but it won't last long :D

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  1. wow, kakav ti pogled kroz prozor imaš <3
    krasni noktići, i ovaj splatter puuuuno bolje izgleda od onog zadnjeg, bravo <3


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